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Partner with Fish 4 Money! You do the work, and we will ensure that you get the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) rebate that you rightly deserve!


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qualifying amount


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Fish 4 Money can make filing your tax rebate easy and hassle-free.

Don’t waste valuable time navigating the often complicated and lengthy CIS rebate process? As CIS rebate experts, we understand the filing process better than anyone. No matter your construction specialty or skilled profession, if you are eligible for a rebate, we will make sure you receive the highest qualifying amount. We also work hard to get your money in your hands as quickly as possible. Rebates can sometimes be processed and received within 24 hours of filing.

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Our focus is on getting money for you and not taking it from you. Even though we are considered a leader in the CIS rebate business, we offer our quality and reliable service at one of the lowest and most competitive prices available.

At Fish 4 Money, we also make customer service a top priority.

We believe every subcontract professional deserves superior tax filing that is reliable, professional, AND affordable. Our expert, courteous staff have helped countless subcontractors get the rebates they deserve.

Items you can claim

At Fish 4 Money, our professional CIS rebate experts work hard to ensure that you get the largest tax rebate possible. We will carefully review the work that you have done for the past year and look for all expenses that you incurred that will help qualify you for greater tax relief and a larger tax refund.

  • Work travel
  • Some meals
  • Parking and tolls
  • Tools
  • Protective clothing
  • Public liability insurance
  • Phone bills
  • Home office
  • Professional memberships
  • Accountancy fees

Don’t just take our word for it.

John from 
 London received
CIS rebate

“Working with Fish 4 Money was so easy. I gave them a list of my expenses and all my pay stubs for the year. They asked all the right questions and found deductions that I hadn’t even thought about claiming. I was surprised by how much of a rebate they were able to get for me!”

John, Carpenter

What is A CIS Rebate?

If you work in the construction industry as a subcontractor in the United Kingdom, you are likely entitled to a Construction Industry Scheme or CIS rebate.