Terms & conditions

ReferralProgram – Terms and Conditions

This Referral Program (the “Program”) is available for use by existing clients and persons who are non-clients. The Program is subject to all the terms and conditions that are established and set out below.

If you participate in the Program and provide a referral to a person known to you andrefer them to Fish 4 Money (“Fish 4 Money”, “we,” “us,” “our”) and that individualobtains the services of Fish 4 Money (becoming a “New Client”), we will provide you with £50 (“Reward”).

Should you refer five individuals and they also become a New Client, you will receive £150 as an additional bonus.

Eligibility Criteria

Please know that you are only be entitled to receive the Reward if the person you refer to become a New Client and who hires us to provide Tax Rebate services that are subject to the fullTerms and Conditions that are outlined and set forth below.

Fish 4 Moneymaintains the rightto determine at its discretion whether you qualify for this or any Offers, and our decision is final.

The Reward will be made payable on every Tuesday of every week from the week following the New Client’s tax rebate being paid to the client. You have the option to choose for the Reward to be delivered to you by cheque on that day or either via a bank transfer.

To qualify for the £150 bonus, you have to have referred 5 New Clients to Fish 4 Money, and those 5 New Clients must pay for our services within the same Tax Year that runs from 6th April to the 5th April. The referral of New Clients cannot be carried over to orfrom one tax year to the next.


It is considered a condition of this Offer that the New Client cannot have been a client of Fish 4 Money any time during the pasttwo years that areprior to the date of the referral. If the New Client has engaged Fish 4 Moneyany time during the pasttwo years prior to the date that the referral occurred, we maintain the right to withdraw and refuse the Offer, and the Reward will not be paid or made available.

If you agree to accept this Offer, you also consent to receive information from Fish 4 Money that relates to any new services, product information, offers by SMS, email, or phone.

Early Rebates – Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) relate to the Early Tax Rebate services that are provided by Fish 4 Money, which is a limited company registered in England and Wales under the company number [Number] at [Your Address] (also mentioned in these terms as Fish 4 Money, ‘us,’ ‘we,’ ‘our’). Please read all of these Terms in full.

2. Definitions

Found in these Terms:

Advance Date is defined as 23 December 2016 for all claims that were made beforethe 20 December 2016 (“December Claims”) or 31 January 2017 for all claims that were made between 24 December 2016 and 30 January 2017 (“January Claims”);

Relevant Period is defined as 6 April 2016 to either/or 31 November 2016 for all December Claims or 31 December 2016 for all January Claims;

Remaining Period is defined as the period between the Advance Date and the date of 5 April 2017.

3. Services provided

3.1 Early Tax Rebate: Providing that our conditions are adhered to completely and in full and that you are registered under Self-Assessment, if you giveto us all necessary information concerning your income and pertinent expenditure for the identified Relevant Period, we shall pay to you on or by the Advance Date, an amount equal to the tax rebate owed to you for the Relevant Period less our Service Fee.

3.2 By accepting the Early Tax Rebate, you agree to give us all information and documentation that is related to yourtotal income and any and all relevant expenditure for the Remaining Period promptly and ontime following the end of the necessary tax year and by 31 May 2017 at the very latest. Following our receipt of such information, we will calculate your return for the complete and full tax year and provide an advance to you for theresidual balance of your tax rebate (this amount will be less the amount of our Service Fees due) within 24 hours of receiving your approval allowing us to submit your return to HMRC for you.

3.3 WhenHMRC processes the tax return, we will take the gross rebate from HMRC. By doing this,Fish 4 Moneyagrees to calculate and submit your completed and signed tax return to HMRC and to handle all matters that may arise as a result without any further charge.

3.4 We retain the right to postpone or withhold any payment to you if we have any concerns regarding the suitability and correctness of your tax affairs and/or when we have concerns that HMRC will refuse to release the gross rebate calculated.

3.5 If for any reason at all, you do not give us the required information and documentation for the Remaining Period, you agree and concurwith us submitting a return for you and on your behalf on the belief that you have not obtained income or incurred expenditure in or during the Remaining Period.

3.6 The total balance of the net tax rebate that is payable to you after submission of your return might be higher or lower than initially estimated in December/January dependent upon your income and/or expenditure occurring during the Remaining Period as well as any other changes occurring to your employment circumstances.

3.7 Tax Returns: The Early Tax Rebate provided service is just suitable for clients who think their income and expenditure will remain at a comparable level during the entire Remaining Period. If your expenditure or income changes substantially, you become PAYE, you accept any jobseekers’ allowance money or payments, or you have any undisclosed or hidden debts with HMRC; less rebate could be payable to you and/or you may be in debt and owing money to HMRC. Where and when the Early Tax Rebate service is inappropriate, or you do not meet theconditions that are set out in these Terms, we shall contact you promptly to talk about what services we can provide or offer and the conditionsby which they can be accepted or offered.

3.8 When we have processed and finalized your April tax rebate, we will then work the remainder of the year without cost to you. This includes all tax and accounting advice, telephone consultations,HMRC tax inquiries,insurance claims, rental,mortgage, and status references will all provided completely without cost to you.

4. Our obligations

4.1 We will not commence an audit of your records or accounts. We will give notice that while we accept your assurances as well as your declarations as being truthful, accurate and correct, you are obligated to remember at all times that HMRC can and will hold you solelyresponsible and solely liable if you are unable to validate any of the data and information that was declared within your tax return at any later date.

4.2 At Fish 4 Money, we are justifiably proud of our exceptional reputation with HMRC and all other legal institutions. We reserve the right to protect this position and status and (if so deem necessary) to refuse to act for you on your behalf or to deny your tax claim application during or at any point that we have a reasonto think that in so carrying out such duties, our good name and reputation might be jeopardized or injured. In such instances, you will be informed without reasonable postponement, and no further fee or cost will be charged or accessed.

5. Your obligations

5.1 It is your obligation to fully and completely disclose to Fish 4 Mony all of your wages (be they CIS, private cash-in-hand,self-employed, or PAYE), all forms and types of jobseeker’s allowance that you receive for each and all tax years under preparation and of any prior debt owed to HMRC, and to likewise make a true, correct and accurate declaration of any and all expenditure and expenses incurred in the fulfillment of your business activities. Fish 4 money cannot know your movements, wages, or expenses that you incur in the tax year, and we will not be held accountable for your failure to makean honest and full disclosure at the moment and time of your claim.

5.2 You are obliged by HMRC regulations to keep full and accurate accounting records thatcorrectly document the information that you supply in favor of your tax claim and that which you will approve when authorizing your tax return. All records must be adequately robust to endure an HMRC analysis, and you should make sure that you followall HMRC guidelines to the fullest. Fish 4 Money supports and follows these regulations totally and can offer free assistance to you to support you achieve full and complete compliance (see our website [your website address]).

5.3 You agree to co-operate fully and wholly with Fish 4 Money during and at all times and to give all information asked for by us quickly and to make sure that all such information is true, correct, accurate, and complete.

5.4 You also agree that you will be liable for the repayment of any and all tax rebates paid to you (in addition to any and all penalties and/or interest acquired) where HMRC discovers that your claim is founded on incorrect information provided by you or where HMRC restores any previous debt that was owed by you. Where and when this occurs or where and when HMRC withholds any part or all of the rebate for some reason, before Fish 4 Money has been repaid for the tax rebate that was paid to you, we retain the right to reclaim payment of this sum from you as we determine to be legally appropriate. In such situations, you will have no right to the defense offered by the Fish 4 Money guarantee.

6. The payment,computation, and receipt of your tax rebate

6.1 Your signing of the Declaration and/or of the Letter of Legal Assignment (as outlined in the Tax Rebate Pack) in favour of Fish 4 Money unconditionally and irreversibly instructs HMRC to assign,release and repay all income tax repayments resulting from the year of the presented tax return to Fish 4 Money (regardless of whether a rebate has been made to you or not). Where a rebate has failed to be paid, Fish 4 Money undertakes to repay quickly any sums left unpaid to you on receipt of all funds from HMRC, after having initially deducted all payable fees.

6.2 Where your actual tax rebate is then sent directly to you by HMRC deprived of the explicit endorsement and authority of Fish 4 Money or your tax code is altered by HMRC in place of distributing the rebate, you agree to pay to Fish 4 Money the agreed Fee, and we maintain the right to claim repayment of our Fee and of any and all rebate paymentsthat were advanced to you through all suitable and appropriate legal measures.

6.3 Fish 4 money retains any anall legal rights to the calculations and computations made within the tax return as well as any intellectual property included therein. This data is set aside as the exclusive property of Fish 4 Money for the sole intention of submitting a tax return for and on your behalf. As such, Fish 4 Moneymaintains all legal rights to undertake whatever action is considered as legally appropriate should occur any misuse of this data and information by you, including the submission by you of your tax return using this information and data.

6.4 Fish 4 Money cannot be held liable for any delays that are caused by HMRC.

7. Anti-money laundering anddata protection and

7.1 We are registered for Data Protection (no. ???????) and take your right to and of privacy seriously. On our behalf, we undertake that any and all personal data or information about you which is obtained by us as part of your tax claim procedure will only be utilized in accordance with our legal obligations in the carrying out of all services outlined above. For your part, you agree to us storing this data and information on both and in paper form as well as electronically. You further agree to its confidential destruction afterward and our processing all your provided personal data and information as required for the delivery of the services, including distribution of your personal data to HMRC and all other government departments and agencies as is required.

7.2 We dispose of all documents that we receive from you when the services have been rendered. We can, if so,requested return all original documents to you provided such a request is made before our commitments have been done and upon receipt of a fee of £10 that will cover our costs.

7.3 We conformto the UK’s Money Laundering Regulations. As such, we will expect you to supply photographic ID prior tous acting for or on your behalf.

8. Call recording

We record all telephonic calls and may also monitor telephone calls as well as emails and any other form of communication that occurs between you and us for the objectives of training, quality control,security, and other lawful business intentions and purposes.

9. Our Fees

9.1 Our Fees that apply to the Early Tax Rebate service are:
Value of the tax rebate Fee
Up to £750 44% of rebate value (that is subject to a maximum fee of £329)
£750 – £1,350 £329
£1,350 – £1,800 £380
Above £1,800 21% of rebate value (that is subject to a minimum fee of £380)

9.2 We will verify and confirm the Fee with you before the Early Tax Rebate is paid. Your signature on the Declaration in the Tax Pack or the non-appearance of your signature, your receipt and acceptance of the Early Tax Rebate, validates your agreement to pay the Fee as they are outlined in the fee schedule above.

9.3 The Fee for our Early Tax Rebate service will be obtained in two payments. A pro-rated percentage of our Fee will be taken from your Early Tax Rebate prior to payment of the Early Tax Rebate is provided to you. When we finalize your return at the tax year-end, we will maintain the remainder of the Fee and advance the residual balance of your tax rebate directly to you.

10. The Fish 4 Money guarantee

10.1 We are so assured of the rigorous procedures that we have in place to safeguard your claim that as long as you make a full, complete and accurate declaration of all your wages and income as well as expenses (and tell us about any debts you have at HMRC), then your rebate is 100% fully and completely guaranteed should there be any HMRC Enquiry. Please know that this guarantee applies only to the final rebate that is calculated at the end of the fiscal year and will not and does not pertain to any Early Tax Rebate.

10.2 Our guarantee ensures that your tax claim is 100% HMRC safe. This means that once you have gotten your payment, you will know it is yours to keep. If HMRC does raise an enquiry or audit, then not only will we close that enquiry completely free of charge, but we will also protect (and if required repay) your rebate completely and in full (includingany interest and penalties) directly to HMRC without obligation or cost to you. This guarantee is limited to the overall liability that is charged by HMRC at the end of their enquiry and does not expand to other costs sustained or damages suffered by you in any form at all, either directly or implicitly.

10.3 This guarantee will become invalid and will not be in effect if the cause of the enquiry, audit or adjustment is due to your failure or refusal to provide us with true, honest, accurate and correct information at any point during, before or after the submission of your tax return(s), or if the tax rebate cannot be released by HMRC due to a pre-existing and undeclared tax liability owed by you to HMRC.

11. Limitation of Liability

11.1 The advice which we provide to you is for your sole use and does not constitute advice to any other party to you may communicate it.

11.2 We will provide professional services with reasonable care and skill. However, we will not be heldliable for any losses, penalties, surcharges, interest or extra tax liabilities that arise from the supply by you or others of incorrect, false or incomplete information, or from the failure by you or any others to supply any appropriate information or your failure to act upon our advice or reply promptly to communications from us or HMRC.

11.3 Our total financial liability to you shall be limited to the lesser of five times the Fee payable by you to us in respect of the service in which the claim is made in relation to or the value of the rebate being claimed. By receiving the Early Tax Rebate, you will agree to this limitation, and you should consider the fairness of this limited before doing so and where appropriate seek formal legal advice on the extent of this limitation of liability.

11.4 No liability is accepted in respect of losses arising from events prior to your acceptance of these Terms.

12. Complaints and dispute resolution

Of course, we always aim to provide the perfect service. Still, if at any time you become dissatisfied with us, then we would urge you first to discuss the matter with a member of our senior management, and then if you remain displeased to write to us directly at Fish 4 money, [Your Address]. All such communications or contactmust be sent by recorded delivery. You are, however, reminded that once you have approved the Early Tax Rebate calculation and/or received the Early Tax Rebate, our fees will stand in full. Also, once you have signed the tax return and approved its submission to HMRC at the finalization of the tax year, the tax return cannot be withdrawn.

13. Severance

If any provision (or part of any provision) of these Terms is or becomes illegal, invalid or non-enforceable in any respect, it will not affect or impair the legality, validity or enforceability of any other provision of all these Terms and that provision (or part-provision) will be deemed deleted.

14. Governing jurisdiction and law

The Terms shall be regulated by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales as well as the Courts of England and Wales shall have sole jurisdiction to settle any dispute, disagreement, or claim that may arise out of or in connection with them.