As a plumber, numerous expenses that can be claimed

Fish 4 Money is an expert in helping plumbers file their CIS tax returns. Our highly skilled and trained CIS tax professionals will prepare your return quickly and ensure that it meets all filing guidelines. We will also review your deductions to make sure you claim all qualifying expenses so that you maximize your Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) rebate.

Having Fish 4 Money prepare and file your tax return will guarantee that you avoid all the most common filing mistakes. Such mistakes can result in a delayed or denied rebate and a potential review from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HRMC).


You’ll receive the highest 
qualifying amount


Money in your hands 
as quickly as possible


Professional, knowledgeable staff


If you don’t qualify, you won’t pay a penny


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time and accuratly.

Common mistakes that Fish 4 Money will keep you from making include…

• Using the wrong tax code.
• Forgetting to include total income amount as well as all benefits from PAYE.
• Missing important dates and deadlines.
• Forgetting certain tax relief that can be claimed
• Not understanding and forgetting to include Payment on Account.

At Fish 4 Money, we stay on top of the CIS rules and regulations. We have assisted countless plumbers across the United Kingdom to file their tax return and qualify for rebates. For many plumbers and other construction subcontractors, filing their CIS tax return can be worrisome and stressful. The tax experts at Fish 4 Money work hard to streamline the process and make it pain-free. In fact, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to begin your claim.

Items you can claim

Common deductions for plasterers include…

  • Hotels expenses when you are traveling and working away from home; in certain cases, you can even claim rent paid.
  • Money paid to obtain and keep liability insurance.
  • Meals that you consume while onsite.
  • The cost of running a home office, such as supplies, office equipment, postage, etc.
  • The cost of purchasing tools and equipment and repairing such tools that are necessary for you to do your job properly.
  • Transportation costs, including those related to your vehicle as well as forms of public transportation.
  • Many other potential deductions.

Next steps…

One of our friendly and highly skilled CIS tax experts will review your individual situation to determine what expenditures we can use to offset your tax debt and get more money back into your pocket quickly!

Industry leading experts

As a recognised leader in the CIS tax rebate industry, Fish 4 Money has helped countless builders successfully file their tax returns and maximize their CIS rebate. Best of all, you only pay for our services when you get your CIS tax rebate.

We’re sure you’ve got some questions

Are your services expensive?

No! We have some of the lowest and most competitive fees.

How do I know if Fish 4 Money can help me?

If you work within the UK construction industry as a general contractor, you are likely entitled to a CIS rebate. If you are uncertain if you are eligible, we will be happy to find the answer for you without any cost or obligation to you.  

I’m not registered for the CIS. What do I do?

You have a few options. The easiest option would be to work with us, and we will register for you. Or you can call the CIS helpline at 0845 366 7899 or register on the HMRC website.

Is it true that you don’t collect a fee unless I get a rebate?

Absolutely. We only receive a fee if you get a rebate for you. Our service is risk and stress-free!

Is my personal information safe with you?

Yes. We make every possible effort to safeguard your information, and we never sell or share client information with a third party.

What do you consider to be a complete record of my work expenses?

A complete record would include information about the sites you have worked, all the millage you have travelled for work, and all the equipment or tools you have bought or repaired to do your work.

What expenses can I use to offset my tax payment and get a larger rebate?

You can use various work-related expenses, including meals, hotel accommodations, tolls, and parking fees, tools and tool repairs, liability insurance costs, and much more. Fish 4 Money will help you determine every expense that can be used to increase your rebate.

What information will you need from me to file my CIS rebate?

To begin the filing process, we will need the following:

(1) a complete record of all your work expenses, (2) your HMRC personal tax account information, and (3) your CIS statements.

What is a CIS statement?

You might hear these called wage slips or pay vouchers. You receive them from your employer, and they include information about your hours, wages, and how much money was taken for taxes.

What is the CIS?

CIS is an abbreviation for the Construction Industry Scheme. It is a unique tax scheme that applies only to the construction industry, and it impacts all most all construction work that occurs within the UK. There are certain exceptions, but for general contractors, the CIS is mostly compulsory.

When must HMRC receive my tax return?

HMRC must receive your completed tax return on or before the 31st of January for the previous tax year.

Which subcontractors does Fish 4 Money work with?

We help all subcontractors complete their CIS tax returns, including builders, carpenters, electricians, painters, plumbers, construction workers, masons, and many others. If you are a subcontractor, we can help you maximi

se your return.